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Qualities Of A Reliable And Efficient Packers And Movers Service Provider In Delhi NCR

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Qualities Of A Reliable And Efficient Packers And Movers Service Provider In Delhi NCR

Whether you want to relocate within Delhi NCR or any other place for that matter, shifting from one place to another is always a big deal. But if you have reliable packers and movers by your side, it becomes a lot easier to shift your household items. You save time, you save money and more importantly, you save yourself from the hassles and the mental turmoil.

There are dozens of packers and movers available in Delhi NCR, which makes it very difficult for people to choose the right one fulfilling their needs. All of them will claim to offer the best service, but it is up to you to spot the genuine one. This is the reason, we are here to help you learn the qualities that are inevitable to a genuinely professional movers and packers company.

1. Well-established with a positive reputation

If a professional movers and packers company is operating for several years, it will surely have positive reputation earned over years. The company will have a legitimate license and authorisation to operate in the industry.  

Tip -  Check the credibility and legality of the service provider to avoid dealing with fraudulent companies. Contact people who have already experienced their service or check reviews online.

2. Operate under one business name

Genuine packers and movers will operate under one business name as opposed to fake ones that try to do business under different names to avoid any assessment done by Better Business Bureau. They will have a local address as well as state and federal license numbers. Their customer support/employees will answer the phone calls with the full name of the business.  

Tip - Check their official website thoroughly or look for any online complaints registered against the company.

3. Conduct a professional visit for thorough assessment of the items to be relocated

A reputable movers and packers company will always make a visit to your house to assess the items that have to be relocated. They will check each and every item in terms of its weight, fragility and space it will occupy. After checking the details they will provide the quote for the entire packing and moving process. While making the inventory, the estimator will also check the storage spaces in the cupboards, drawer, bookcases etc.

Tip - Ask the company to provide a detailed written quote for all the items assessed - including the facilities and charges without any hidden cost.

4. Provide Insurance Coverage   

Genuine movers and packers will always provide insurance coverage for any loss or damage to your belongings while shifting them from one place to another. They will provide all the details in writing.

Tip - Read their insurance coverage policy and check whether the company will pay for the losses happened during the transit and packing process both.

5. Make a clear-cut written contract

Professional movers and packers will always follow the legal way and provide you with a written explanation for evaluation, insurance coverage, dispute settlement, pick-up and delivery dates and any other important points that subject to their business policy. They will never ask you to sign a blank contract.

Tip - Never sign a contract without reading and understanding every minute detail included in the document.

6. Never ask to pay a large deposit

Reliable and honest packers and movers will never demand any cash or ask you to pay a large deposit before fulfilling their duty of relocating the household items.

Tip - Pay the company only upon the delivery of the service to avoid losing control over your belongings.

7. Provide Value-Added Service  

A professional movers and packers company will always aim at offering value-added service. They will never fail to meet the deadline once they make the bookings according to your requirements. They will always inform beforehand if they lack enough staff and vehicles during peak times. Besides, they will have skilled staff members and reliable moving vans to accommodate every size of belongings. Having their business operating in 21st-century, they will have all the necessary technologies to offer value-added service including the facility to track your consignment.

Tip - Choose a company that provides a reliable service while understanding that technology is not the only criteria.

Above all, stay alert while your belongings are being packed and shifted. Communicate with the company if you need any improvements at any stage of their service. Stay updated with the latest information related to packers and movers in Delhi NCR on social media platforms and become a smart customer. All this will definitely help you in relocating to a new place safely and happily.

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