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Happy Bike Transportation Experience with Jubilant Cargo Packers and Movers

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Happy Bike Transportation Experience with Jubilant Cargo Packers and Movers


After reading some really wonderful experiences here, I also decided to write my experience with Jubilant Cargo Packers and Movers. My experience is related to bike transportation. I am a proud owner of Yamaha Fazer and I love my bike like anything. I would like to share the experience of my hostel days. I was pursuing my engineering in Computer Science from a private college in Noida. Coming from an affluent family, my father gifted me my love, Yamaha Fazer on my 20th birthday.  So, the bike is precious to me due to two reasons first, it is a gift from my father and second I had wanted this bike since a long time. My bike is my passion and I cannot bear a single scratch on it. The purpose behind telling all this is I am very careful with my bike and kind of obsessed with it. During my graduation days, I enjoyed a lot on my bike exploring new destinations and places with it. I and my friends roamed around a lot on my bike.

So, with the completion of final exam of graduation came a challenge of vacating the hostel. Vacating hostel was not a very tough task and I managed it by myself as it was mainly all clothes. The tough task was shifting my prized possession without hurting it a little that is without a single scratch. I was tensed and talked to my seniors of their experiences. Some seniors suggested transportation by railways. So, I went to nearby railway station and enquired about the process. The staff at Railways was not that responsive and not at all empathetic, they gave a plain reply to all of my questions which was “get your bike tomorrow, and tell us on which railway station to drop your bike.” I came home unsatisfied and worried, I was sure that I cannot give my bike to them. I then decided to drive to all the way to Jaipur, but my family refused and said clear and strict no to this option. I was rigorously searching for options and one day, one of my seniors suggested me of Jubilant Cargo Packers and Movers. I immediately called them up and explained my situation.

They listened to me with full empathy and enquired me what model it is and other things related to my bike and briefed me of the services they provide with bike transportation including packing, unpacking, loading, unloading and most important of all insurance during transit. I was elated, I thought, I got what I wanted. After discussing with my parents, I called Jubilant Cargo Packers and Movers to confirm. I enquired them of the price and it was almost comparable with the railways, considering the services Jubilant Cargo Packers and Movers provide. So, without much thinking, I said yes.

What a speedy service, as two persons from the company came the very next day and inspected the bike in their own way, clicked some photos and showed me and said that they will be back with all the papers and insurance work done. They also told me the process and said that I could leave the bike with them and go home if I wanted. But how could I leave my bike alone in the hands of strangers, so I decided that I would stay back as one of my viva was also due. In the next step, a team with prior appointment came to my hostel, explained me the papers and made me sign them. They then started packing my bike using bubble wraps, plastics, air bags etc. They used all the latest equipment for packing. The team packed my bike very carefully, under my presence. The team was very professional in their approach and knew their task well. They had brought a vehicle with them in which they loaded my bike. A person from the team sat in the vehicle, with my bike and assured me of safe transit. I looked at my bike wished good luck to the team during transit.

The team left and I hurried up, packed my belongings and left for my home town, determined to be there before my bike. I reached by flight the same day. Reaching my town, I was greeted by my family well, with all love and affection. The love from my family made me forget of my bike for a while. The van from Jubilant Cargo Packers and Movers was to arrive the next day. The next day in the morning I got a call from the company that they would be arriving anytime soon. I was very anxious and got all ready to welcome my bike. The van arrived without much delay and unloaded my bike. They soon started to unpack. That time I realized that unpacking is also not an easy task as your belonging can get damage if performed by a non-trained person. As soon as they unpacked my bike, they cleared up all the mess by themselves and asked me to inspect it and verify and be sure that not a single scratch has occurred during transit. I inspected my bike two-three times and assured myself that I have received my bike in good condition. I was very thankful to the team.

The person who came along with my bike made me talk to the team leader and I thanked him. He asked for my feedback and I could not help saying ‘WoW’. He told me that I could either give cash to the person from the team or make online payment. I chose the latter option and bid goodbye to the team. All in all, I would recommend Jubilant Cargo Packers and Movers to all my juniors too. The services are really prompt and excellent.