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Digitalization in Packers and Movers Industry

Jubilant Cargo Blog Post

Digitalization in Packers and Movers Industry

“Digitalisation is the demand of time”. Each and every sector of economy whether education, healthcare, food industry, transportation & logistics etc all are moving towards digitalizing most of their operations. The Internet has become much more easily accessible than any other basic necessity of life. There is no field which can keep itself aloof from this internet driven world.

Packers and movers is a profession/field where most of the activities are physical in nature like packaging of things to be transported, loading and unloading of things to transit from one place to another and rearranging of things in a new place. Factually all these tasks can only be done in physical and service-providing form. Then the question which arises is, how digitalization can be brought in the field of packers and movers sector. And the simple answer to this question is, although we can’t virtually shift things from one place to another, yet we can digitalize all the other activities which are performed manually in support of the core shifting activity.

First activity when we talk about the process of relocation is of the customer approaching the company. This process can be completely digitalized by designing of a user-friendly website for the customer which should be easily accessible, provides complete Information about the company and its services and should be well designed to support two-way communication between the customer and the company. The website should be capable to give a tentative cost of shifting and take orders. The website should be mobile friendly too. Mobile application too can be developed for the purpose.

Next comes in the process is, the time when a company official inspects the items to be transported. Well, to a certain level this process can be digitalized. The Company can invite the detailed specifications of the things to be relocated online. Any questions or query by the company in terms of estimating the things should be asked to the customer. If the company is fully confident about their understanding of customer’s demand, they can provide the customer with all the arrangements they have planned in order to pack and move the goods. And importantly, if the customer is satisfied with the company’s idea, both can go on to the next stage. One more thing to add to this is, for more accuracy, the customer can click the photographs of the things and upload on the site. This will help the company to make estimations more effectively and accurately. The list of items to be relocated along with their specifications can be uploaded online in customers’ account so that customer will have access to the relocation list.

Next step where digitization can play a role is tracking of goods in shifting. A unique tracking ID can be provided to the customer so that they can keep track of where their item in transit is, how much time would it take to reach final destination etc.

The customer account should also have details uploaded of the paper formalities done and insurance coverage so that they can refer to it anytime in case of any confusion.

Another and most important step to be digitalized is the payment mode. The company should provide the customer facilities to pay in digital form. This could be done through online transfer, e-cheque, paytm or through any other online payment service.

Some other activities like giving feedback, recommendations, online billing etc can be made available in a digitalized form which adds to the effectivity of the company.

The digitalization of these activities does earn a lot of benefits to the company and to the customers. One of the biggest benefits is cost efficiency and customer satisfaction. The middleman allowances like salary or commission are omitted in digitization which helps in reducing the gross cost of the service. This, on one hand, makes it more affordable for the customer and on the other hand is a profit maximizer for the company. Installation may take a big amount but it is beneficial for the long run.

Another benefit of digitalization is, it increases the horizon of the company. It offers a bigger market which can be captured and even spread the business around the globe. A customer can come in contact with the company from any part of the world and can get their query solved from anywhere. It is also very easy to spread the name or doing marketing of the company on different websites and on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.

Digitalization hence is an innovative step which has become necessary in today’s scenario. It not only is the need of the hour but an important tool which compliments offline businesses too.

There are only a few firms in the Packers and Movers Industry who have gone digitalized and are benefitting the customers in ways more than one. Some of the firms which have introduced digitization in their services are Jubilant Cargo Packers and Movers, Agarwal Packers and Movers etc. These companies are committed to making shifting experience a delight for their customers.