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GGN to GGN Shifting

Jubilant Cargo Blog Post

GGN to GGN Shifting

Living in Gurgaon is an extraordinary experience in itself. The fast-moving environment around you urges you to move on with the pace of time. Here almost every citizen devotes his/her whole day to the job and at the end of the day, has a nice family time. It was three to four year back when I and my wife shifted to Gurgaon as I got a job in one of the IT companies here. Last year my wife also joined a multinational company here. For getting to our office, I have to travel for almost forty-five minutes and my wife has to travel almost half an hour as our offices were located far away from where we were living. Considering the fact that we both had to travel in the same direction, we decided to take a new house near our offices and so we bought a flat in the apartment quite close to our offices. We previously were living at Rajeev chawk and we bought our new flat in the cyber city.

Working for the whole day drained our energies, leaving us tired for the task of shifting. We were in deep need of someone who could help us in this task.

Then one of my colleague in the office gave me the reference of Jubilant Cargo Packers and Movers. He himself once had faced this situation and told me that company acted as a boon for him. I immediately contacted the company and told them everything about our situation. In the evening one of the team members arrived at our place and inspected all the things which were to be shifted. The person noted everything and explained us in detail that what will be their plan and how they will execute it. We were quite impressed by the behaviour of the team member and the way he was answering our queries. Finally, we agreed on their plan and the agreement was signed.

Next morning the whole team arrived right at the time and one of the members helped us in the completion of all the remaining paperwork. Then the whole team came into action. They had bought with them different packaging materials for packing different things accordingly. First, they packed all the delicate objects very carefully like crockery, showpieces, vase, etc in bubble wrapper and then arranged them in thick cardboard boxes having thermocol layer in it. All our clothes were packed in big boxes and our home appliances like fridge, microwave, tv in boxes having thermocol in them. Each and every object was paid full attention and were packed accordingly in the best possible way. They sealed all the boxes with tape and ensured that each box and items in it are packed properly.

After the packing was over they very carefully loaded all the boxes in a big and spacious carry van. There too,  they paid proper attention towards which box is to placed upon which box so as to protect all the delicate objects. In this whole process of packing and loading, only thing which we had to do was to direct them how we wanted the things to be done. Other then this, we had to do nothing as such.

When they were to leave for the new place with all our luggage, they provided us with a unique tracking id with which we could easily track our shipment. Also one of the team members went with them so as to take care of the luggage on the way.

When the team reached our new address we were already there to welcome them. The team quickly unloaded all the boxes very carefully and now it was our action time, not to unbox our things but only to guide them that how we wanted our things to be arranged. The team unpacked the luggage very carefully and arranged all the things as directed. The team even cleaned up all the mess of packing materials, boxes and all.

After the task was done they asked us for any other work any other alteration we wanted in the arrangements. After that they handed over us the bill both in printed form and online and gave us the option either to pay online or by card or cash. Throughout the task, the behaviour shown by the team was something which won our heart and the quality service provided impressed us the most.

The company seriously deserve our salute for providing such a world-class service in the best possible way. It would have become very difficult for us to do shifting, even within Gurgaon, without the cooperation of the company.