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Jubilant Cargo Packers and Movers - More than Just Shifting

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Jubilant Cargo Packers and Movers - More than Just Shifting

Our three generations, starting from my grandfather, my father and me, are dealing in garment business. We basically belong to Gujarat, but are settled here from the time my grandfather moved here. We have our well established shop in Old Delhi but the shop was demanding repair and maintenance since a long time. We were delaying it because it was a matter of around 3 months and the thought of packing, vacating, unpacking and rearranging was giving us nightmares. We planned to shift our stock, without closing our shop. That is to say, we were planning to relocate and continue our shop in our godown, which is just two lanes away from our present shop. At first, we thought of hiring thellas for shifting but after that too, the biggest challenge remained of packing and rearranging and then there were almirahs and other furniture too, which was difficult to shift on thellas. We were in a dilemma and were trying to figure out how to go about it. One of our helper suggested that we could hire a packers and movers company for shifting. The thought appeared weird at first, as it was shifting just two lanes away.

The other concern was that they might unnecessarily charge too much for a small shift. But our helper convinced me enough to make an enquiry call to Jubilant Cargo Packers and Movers. I made the call and explained them of what I wanted and asked them what their plan of action would be. The person briefed me of exactly what they do and said that he can give further details only if he visits the shop. Before giving him the address of my shop, I hesitantly enquired of the tentative charges. He answered that as vehicle cost would be minimum in this case so the major charge would be of packing, unpacking and rearranging. He said that he could tell the charges only after visiting. As he was not charging anything for the visit, I sent the location of my shop to him.

The very next day one of the member of the team came and did the complete inspection of the garments, furniture etc. to be shifted. The team member analysed the arrangement style, made some notes according to his understanding and also made estimation of materials which would be required to pack the things. I mentioned him my requirements too and the biggest one was, arrangement of stock category wise, just as they are arranged here. Not a single mistake can be tolerated as it leads to dead stock and lots of confusion. He agreed to my demand and said he would take 2 days to complete the process of packing, shifting and rearranging. I was more than happy to hear this. I then enquired of their charges and found it reasonable enough for their kind of effort.

The next day two persons came from the company and clicked photographs and took detailed note, enquiring from me and my helpers. He explained all the proceedings and the manner in which they will perform the task. He asked me my convenient days for shifting. I enquired from my father regarding best muhurat to shift and gave the dates to them.

On the given date, they brought cardboard boxes and other packing material. They started packing the stuff as directed. They were very professional and skilled in the way they were handling our goods. They also kept on writing on the boxes about the content of the boxes. They marked the boxes with what has been packed in the box, their type, size and colour etc. Then afterwards they carefully sealed all the boxes with cello tape and kept the boxes according to their content. They were very quick and to my surprise they finished the job of packing in just 4 hours. At first, they made arrangement of shifting furniture and then garments. They worked late at night and vacated the shop. The next day was left to unpack and rearrange. The team came early in the morning and started with their work. They unpacked, cleared the clutter themselves and started rearranging. They gave us some fine suggestions too regarding arrangement and display of stock. The team worked with full dedication and finished the work within deadline. My father and I were more than happy to see this. My father was proud of me and I could see that in his eyes. I thanked the team for their extraordinary efforts. I never imagined that shifting was a 2 day work. They left the shop in a state, where we could start selling from next day.

One of the heaviest task was so easily and conveniently accomplished that we rather enjoyed the whole process. Shifting became a wonderful and memorable experience and all the credit goes to Jubilant Cargo Packer and Movers company.