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Things To Remember While Hiring Packers And Movers For Car Transportation

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Things To Remember While Hiring Packers And Movers For Car Transportation

Shifting to a new place is always full of excitement. The joy of living in the new home, meeting new people and experiencing an entirely different atmosphere, always entices us. But that’s not just us who get shifted. All the things in our house go along. And everyone believes it is not a piece of cake. There is a lot of difficulty in doing this work of packing and shifting of our belongings.

Moving your vehicle is one of the most troublesome tasks in this process. Especially, when you are moving to a different city. You probably think of hiring a packing and moving service provider for shifting your vehicle and belongings. If you are shifting your vehicle through the service, you must be careful, to shift it safely.

Here you have points you need to remember while transporting your vehicle through packers and movers service:

About The Service Provider

1. Select the company of service provider carefully

You don't want to jump into a pool until you have stuck in your toe to test the water. Now if you are hiring a packing and moving service provider to help shift your belongings, you should not make a mistake in choosing the right service provider. You need to know if the service provider will shift your vehicle or not. Remember, not every service provider relocates vehicles.

2. Choose the service carefully

Generally, the service which the professional packers and movers provide is of two types. Either the service provider will move your vehicle through an open-air trailer or through the enclosed truck. You must prefer the one which suits the size of your vehicle. However, the closed truck is much safer.

3. Information about the service company

You should check if the company is registered and insured or not. To confirm the trustworthiness, check the previous records of the company. By doing this, you can gather many details about the company. You can also get the idea about its honesty by gathering information from someone who had already hired the provider.

After doing this, you will no longer doubt the company’s reliability. But is it enough? Not yet. You will have to struggle little more, to move your vehicle safely and successfully.

Now when you have checked the company, have you checked your car??

Tips For Safe Car Transportation

1. Remove the extra load

Reduce the weight of the car to ensure a safe move. You cannot reduce the original weight of the vehicle. But you can avoid the weight gain by removing the extra load in it. Any luggage or item kept in the car can cause double damage during transportation. First to your vehicle and second to your belongings. So, check and empty your vehicle.

2. Secure documents

You must have kept documents like driving license, vehicle registration papers, etc. in your car. For the sake of security, it is better to keep them in some other secure place.

3. Empty the fuel tank

Now when your vehicle is being transported by another vehicle, you will not need fuel. Hence, empty the tank to reduce the weight of your car further. However, there must be a small amount of fuel left for emergency cases.  

4. Detach movable objects

Detach all the movable objects from your car including radio and antenna. All the detachable items inside and outside the car could be a potential danger for the car. They could damage the car or get broken up.    

5. Inspect the vehicle before and after shifting

Even when you have considered all the methods of security, still there are chances of damage, because you don’t know what will happen in the way. But with your smartness, you can solve this issue too. You can take pictures of your vehicle before the shifting process. This will work as an evidence in case your vehicle gets damaged.

Now that you have got the idea, you can hire a packer and movers service for a safe car transportation.

Premium Car Transportation Service From Jubilant Cargo Packers and Movers

Jubilant Cargo Packers And Movers have been rendering excellent car transportation service since the inception. As an authorised company, we follow a well-organised approach beginning from inspection to the documentation process.

Our inspection process begins with a car wash, fuel leakage detection and careful vehicle preview for any damage like scratches and dents. All the detachable items of the car are removed and alarm systems are disconnected to save battery life. This is followed by a legal documentation process that includes all the details of the vehicle.

Our car relocation service is backed by expert guidance providing clients with 100% satisfaction. If you are planning to move your car anywhere in India, get the best quote from us!