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Looking for a Packers and Movers Company, Check this Before you Select One

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Looking for a Packers and Movers Company, Check this Before you Select One

Shifting your house or office or any other item is very exciting thing but at the same time very difficult, especially when one is all alone. For this purpose, Packers and Movers are the only one who can come to our rescue. These companies, if good or master in their task, take away all our worries of shifting. But then a question arises “What is meant by a good company?” and “How to check  whether the company is good or not?” So here are some of the basic things that one should keep in mind before selecting Packers and Movers Company:

1. Company’s Name in the Market:

Company’s goodwill is very important before you go in a contract with it. Check the reviews of the customers, better ask company to give a list of their customers along with the contact details and then you better check for yourself. Find out total successful and non-successful transportation they have made and if the ratio of failure is more, then better consider your decision.

2. Inspection Prior to the Deal:

A person from the company should have a visit to check what all things are to be shipped and what all arrangements the company will have to make for that sake. The company should clearly say no if the proper arrangement to ship any particular thing is not there and should not take any risk. Also the company should declare the availability of team and vehicles before taking up the task.

3. Complete Legal Formalities:

If the client is ready to assign the task of shifting, the company should first complete all the formalities and paperwork of the contract. Everything should be done in a written form. Both the parties should again go through all the terms and conditions and then sign the contract. If case of any dispute, dispute resolution mechanism should be mentioned.

4. Insurance Service:

A well established company insures your goods to be transported. Generally, there are two types of insurance services provided by such companies. One is ‘transit insurance’  in which you get the claim only if the transport meets with an accident. Other one is ‘comprehensive insurance’ in which you get claim for loss by accident, fire, riots etc except the scratches.

5. Packing and Loading:

The materials which the company uses for the packing of the things is very important. Rough & tough items and delicate items should be packed accordingly. Materials like thermocol, bubble wrapper, air bags etc should be used as per the requirement. Also waterproofing should be done to avoid spoilage from water or any other liquid.

Team should also pay special attention while loading the things in the vehicle. Even the arrangement of things in the vehicle should be taken care of like heavy things should not be placed on delicate ones etc.

6. During the Transit:

Rough drivings can damage the goods during transit. So, one should also ask for the driver as well as the route the vehicle will take in reaching the destination. A person from the company should come in the vehicle with the goods to ensure safe transit.

7. Unloading and Unpacking:

The company should unload the things carefully and should keep them at their place. The company should help the client to unpack all the items and help them to arrange them according to the customer. The company should also clear all the mess created by the packing materials and boxes.

8. Payment:

The amount should be decided before the contract. The company should not charge very high amount and any extra amount. The mode of payment should also be made available both online and offline.

9. Other Services:

Other services like advisory service, technical services etc adds to the value of the company. The company can also operate some of its functions online, give tracking id etc. In any case customer satisfaction should be the sole objective of the company.

So, you should be very much careful and alert while choosing a Packers and Movers Company. After all such shifting happens once in a while and you are not just shifting things but you are moving forward in your life towards your dream.