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Car Transportation

Something about our services

Moving of vehicles from one place to another is another difficult task. There is a lot of risk involved. If you are willing to move your vehicles from one place to another then you must be worried about any damage.

We offer excellent car carrier services to our clients as we realize that a car is one of the most valuable possessions of a person. The car transport service is rendered by us at highly reasonable prices thus making it all the more attractive. A highly systematic approach is followed by us while relocating your car from one place to the other, the procedure being mentioned.

A proper inspection is conducted after the car is washed in front of the client and supervisor, this ensure there is no fuel leakage. All the personal belongings are removed before the relocation procedure takes place.

  1. The needed documentation is done wherein the condition of the car before and after relocation is properly mentioned.
  2. Items like, antennae, roof racks that are detachable are removed.
  3. The alarm systems are disconnected in order to save the battery life.
  4. Care is taken to check that the petrol tank of the car is half filled so as to avoid any mishap.

This kinds of a full proof car carrier services under the expert guidance of our professionals ensures a highly satisfactory service to our clients. Our high levels of car transpot services performance has enabled us to maintain credibility in the market and maintain a clientele that come to us with repeated orders.

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general faq’s

How do you determine the price for Household and Home Shifting?

  1. Items to be shifted: The more the items, the higher the cost. Normally the transporter will charge you for a full truckload even if the items to be shifted are less than a truckload. Hence, it is important to talk to the transporter first and find out the load of the truck that will be used for transportation.
  2. Distance to be covered: The more the distance, the higher the cost.
  3. Day of shifting: Like any business, the Home Shifting industry also has its peak and low seasons. Peak season (Feb - July) quotes will be higher than off peak season rates.

Can we shift our Car along with household items?

The standard vehicle shifting contract will cover door to door service. Thus you can relax at home and have a auto transportation company pack and move your vehicle.

What if there is damage to my vehicle during auto transportation?

All vehicle relocation services try to make all necessary steps to transport your vehicle safely. But in the case of damage- Inform the auto carrier as soon as possible, keep your insurance documents ready, if possible take estimate of the cost of work to be done to get your vehicle back in shape.

What are the things to do to make sure of better auto transportation?

To ensure better auto transportation make sure that your vehicle is prepared for transport properly. Book the best car shifting service and read the contract well. Pack your vehicle properly and choose between open/enclosed trailer judiciously.

If you didn’t found the answer to your question here, Contact us & our representative will reply you as soon as poossible, usually within 24 hours!